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Do It For You

Jim Richard


Here's what Jim had to say...

This is an old tune of mine that I wrote many moons ago when I was 24.  Since then, I’ve recorded it a few times with different collaborators/producers.  This was the latest and best version so far.  I started working with Ross Jackson at his Nightshift Productions studio to record a demo/EP.  I was happy with the original mix but thought it needed a little boost sonically--enter Gary Alex.  Gary remixed and mastered this (along with two other tunes) and I think he did a phenomenal job!  Hope you dig it! 

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Currently tracking a 3 song demo for local band Primroses! So far so good!! I'll keep you posted on the progress!!


Just Finished Mixing & Mastering the new Totem album "The Power To Forgive" It is available for digital download EVERYWHERE!! Check it out!


Got a chance to work on a restoration project for a friend who found a couple 22 year old cassettes of his amazing grandmother playing the piano. Check out what he had to say about the process in the testimonial tab!


So excited to announce that we just finished mixing and mastering Jim Richard's new 3 song EP! His bandcamp and Soundcloud pages are up and ready for your enjoyment! Check it out here:


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