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"I am so happy to have met Gary and have him mix and master my three song demo.  He is great to work with and is a solid professional!  He’s made these demos of mine ‘come off the page’, so to speak.  I would highly recommend his work and respect his prowess for making the final mixes sound like a professionally mastered product.  Bravo Gary! Looking forward to working again in the future! Thanks man! "  - Jim Richard


"The whole experience from beginning to end was seamless. Gary showed up to our basement right on cue with practically a
whole professional recording studio in his four-door. We recorded the
entire skeleton of the album that morning, and with a couple overdubbing
sessions at Gary's studio, it was done and mastered in under a month! The sound
was phenomenal, he managed to capture the essence and spirit of the house
we recorded in, something that was really important to us as a band. His suggestions
were all perfect, shaping the songs to exactly what was in our heads and then some.
An amazing experience and definitely our go to man with anything recording."  Paul Curran - Extract


"I was psyched to reconnect with Gary.  After finding a couple of old cassette tapes of my grandmother playing piano from 1996 and 1997, I was looking to have them digitized to share with family (I mean, who has a cassette deck anymore?).  Gary exceeded my expectations.  He created digital music files from the cassettes, removing background hiss that was present in the original recordings and ultimately created a digital heirloom out of some old useless tapes.  Looking forward to sharing the music with family this Christmas.  I highly recommend Gary for any music production needs, high quality, fast turnaround, and a great guy to work with." - Lee Townsend

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Willy Rockwell has been working like a fiend to finish up his 7 song album over the last few months! Just a few tracks left to record and then final mixes will be available!

The Primroses 3 song EP is nearly finished! Finishing up vocals on the last song and then final mixes will be ready!


Just Finished Mixing & Mastering the new Totem album "The Power To Forgive" It is available for digital download EVERYWHERE!! Check it out!


Got a chance to work on a restoration project for a friend who found a couple 22 year old cassettes of his amazing grandmother playing the piano. Check out what he had to say about the process in the testimonial tab!


So excited to announce that we just finished mixing and mastering Jim Richard's new 3 song EP! His bandcamp and Soundcloud pages are up and ready for your enjoyment! Check it out here:


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